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Step into Luxe Beauty Salon and you’ll be impressed with our expertise and comfortable environment perfect for the first time or veteran threader. With multiple services for facial threading including eyebrows, forehead, sideburns, upper lip, and chin, the best options are obviously available at our threading studio ready to take your appointments right away!

Eyebrow Threading Has A Rich History

Indian women have been using eyebrow threading as part of a cultural norm for several millennia and have perfected the practice. Once the means for a coveted unibrow during Iran Qajar’s dynasty, it has evolved to the separated brow. Unibrows often represent purity in women in other nations, but the Western world popularized the double-browed style early in the 20th century.

As a grooming tactic popular with Persian women for adulthood and marriage ceremonies, threading is still a preferred means for beautifying the facial features of both men and women. As a basis for both beauty and cleanliness, this practice has made its way to the Western world and does not exclude men from the practice. Expanding to include full facial threading, it can be a way for men to simplify, amplify, and beautify their beards and mustaches for that perfect look and feel. It is especially fruitful for thinning hair or hair that grows inconsistently.

How Eyebrow Threading Is Done

Luxe Beauty Salon uses cotton thread that is twisted to trap hair and lift it out of its follicle. It is gentle, clean, and painless for removing unwanted hair while effectively shaping the area with an artistic touch. Depending on how your hair grows, eyebrow threading can last 3-6 weeks without the need for further tweezing or adjustments. Some clients prefer a completely revamped look, while others seek consistency for a discreet approach to personal enhancement. Since hair removal is done at the root, it certainly outweighs the benefits of shaving or waxing or the pain of plucking and tweezing.

Practitioners tie the cotton thread around their necks to stabilize it. Their hands control the shaping during an intensely focused session that lasts for 10 to 20 minutes. Believe it or not, soldiers visiting Afghanistan have caught on to the trend and often partake in the practice without hesitation. Called khait in countries that speak Arabic, it is a viable grooming option for both men and woman.

What To Expect Your First Visit

Most participants in this practice find that the process is quite stimulating and a little painful for such a sensitive area. It is not for the faint of heart, yet it is not something to be feared. With a brow that has never seen attention such as this before, it will seem like an intense session of tweezing leading to a bit of eye watering. Nevertheless, you will find your face looks more beautiful than ever before. It is hands-down the most satisfying feeling you can have when looking in the mirror after a specialist shapes your eyebrows. Luxe Beauty Salon prides itself on making its customers comfortable and happy with the results whether you are a beginner or an experienced client.

The cultural experience that you will encounter is even more beautiful than the results. With women from other countries or backgrounds working diligently to shape and beautify your facial features, our threading studio is the perfect mix of experience and class without sacrificing quality. You’ll also find that Luxe Beauty Salon is a place where you will feel like you belong. It is our home open to the public, but also a community that takes pride in its regular customers.

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