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When visiting the great city of Las Vegas, you may be looking for the ultimate in experiences to bring home with you. As a resident of Las Vegas, you could be striving to keep up with the youthful and trendy atmosphere of the main attractions. Or, perhaps, you simply want to feel more attractive with a special self-rewarding investment in your personal beauty. Regardless of your reason, Luxe Beauty Salon is a fashionable way to get the most out of your self-care budget.

Eyebrow Threading Is A Sophisticated Method

Originating in Asia, eyebrow threading involves both removing unwanted hairs and shaping existing hairs for a pleasing, refined look. Better than using makeup to paint the shapeliest eyebrows, threading involves taking a thin, cotton or polyester thread and weaving it over unwanted hair. By doubling or twisting the thread, a simple and clean look can be achieved. Hair removal is better than tweezing individual hairs since entire rows may be removed and replaced by the threaded look. This type of eyebrow shaping is simply the most sophisticated look you can achieve without waxing the eyebrow in its entirety. Luxe Beauty Salon knows how special this experience can be, so schedule your appointment today!

Eyebrow Threading Means Minimal Upkeep

With a permanent look and feel, keeping your eyebrows looking great only requires regular visits to the threading studio. Luxe Beauty Salon is the premium choice in Las Vegas, giving you both eyebrow threading and eyebrow tinting for a complete look. As a threading salon with top artists available for your convenience, coming back for upkeep is a pleasure and a breeze. Eyebrow threading is a better choice than waxing because the pain is less and the threading keeps you from having to apply makeup on a daily basis. More importantly, it provides more precise eyebrow shaping and is gentler on the skin. Upkeep usually requires a visit every 3-4 weeks to keep unwanted hair thinned out and the twists in place neatly and completely.

Being A Threading Newbie Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

So, with all that understanding in mind, being an eyebrow threading newbie doesn’t have to lead to pre-appointment anxiety or fear. In fact, knowing about how it is done should ease your mind. This ancient hair removal technique takes approximately 10 minutes or less, and breezes by as time flies with constant action on the salon artist’s part. You should not wear a lot of makeup prior to the session as the sensitivity to the tweezing can cause your eyes to water. Also, expect the sensitive area to lead to some sneezing as the area above the eye is manipulated by our Luxe Beauty Salon specialists. Furthermore, eyebrow shaping is best left to the professional as they can see the contour of your face and match the design appropriately. So, be patient and trusting of your threading salon experts.

We know now that such personal care is done best with Luxe Beauty Salon artists since they are sensitive to making your experience as special as possible. Not only that, but they want your appointment to happen with expectations for excellence and expertise met with full compliments. Nonetheless, we encourage to read further about eyebrow threading to educate yourself on its process, styles and experience. Our articles do just that, going into greater detail for your convenience and ease of mind.

At Luxe Beauty Salon, we not only deliver great experiences, we offer the best in quality and services to compliment your journey. Don’t forget to check out our additional threading options such as forehead, sideburns, upper lip, chin, neck, and full-face threading service that includes hair removal from all the facial areas in one appointment.

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