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When choosing an eyebrow threading salon, you’ll want to choose one that has a rich history of matching eyebrow styles to face shapes. More importantly, you want the artists to be uniquely trained in a threading style that compliments their other services. If you don’t know much about eyebrow threading, read our other articles about it and read below to learn even more. We are committed to your satisfaction at Luxe Beauty Salon in Las Vegas.

Face Shapes Naturally Call For Certain Styles

Eyebrow threading is about finding the right shape to speak your style. Any style of eyebrow threading should naturally accent your eyes and lift your mood every time you look in the mirror. There are many shapes to choose from that will complement every cheek structure, every eye shape and every facial line you can imagine. All in all, an eyebrow shape is chosen by the shape of your face. Luxe Beauty Salon prides itself on being educated on eyebrow shapes and is always available for consultation.

Six Basic Face Shapes Mean More Choice

Face shapes are the culmination of length, width and how it tapers at key points in the bone structure like the chin. There are six basic shapes, namely, oval, round, long, square, heart and diamond. The oval face has a wide forehead, sharp cheekbones and elegant tapering at the chin. This face uses a slight arch over the outside half of the eye socket as its primary style. Another facial shape that uses an arch, but a more prominent one, is the heart face. In the heart face, the chin is typically pointier than the oval and thus requires more attention drawn to the eyes.

Two face shapes that require a bit of a pointed arch in the eyebrow threading style. They are the diamond, square and round. These two faces are opposites of each other, with the square and round being fairly uniform or flat between the eyes and chin and the diamond being highly angular. Using a sharp angle in the eyebrow shape will pull your eyes towards the center and offer shape that either compliments or accents the bone structure of your face.

The final face shape is the long face. A long face will seem shortened by a flat eyebrow. The flat eyebrow is common among celebrities who have long faces because it is so flattering to them.

Sticking With The Expert Isn’t Always Necessary

Regardless of your facial bone structure, some eyebrow shapes can be interchanged to add flair and pizazz to your own personal style. Going with the status quo isn’t always necessary. A long face with really long hair may find the angled eyebrow style to create a dynamite expression that creates a statement. Often, our personal styles dictate the style we choose more than the science behind facial shapes. This means there is no limitation put upon you when you walk in the door of Luxe Beauty Salon. More importantly, while our specialists can recommend a style to you, the ultimate choice is your own, without judgment or interference.

With that in mind, we always encourage you to exercise your eyebrow rights with an expert at our eyebrow threading salon. We offer a relaxing atmosphere with educated and experienced specialists that treat their trade like artists painting on a canvas. Finding an eyebrow threading salon near me shouldn’t even be a required search when Luxe Beauty Salon is here to both educate and service you with the utmost care. Stop by our eyebrow threading studio to get a free consultation on the style that best suits you. We can advise you as well as cater to you, depending on your own personal style!

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