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Professional Beauty Salon Services


Our hair stylists at Luxe Beauty Salon are trained to help you achieve a beautiful hairstyle that complements your personality as well as your lifestyle.

Whether it is hair styling, hair coloring, hair treatments or anything in between, you can rest assured that your hair is in the some of the most capable hands in Las Vegas.

Hair Styling

Our hair stylists offer haircuts, shampoo, conditioning, blow dry, curling, braiding and up-do’s.

Hair Coloring

We provide permanent, semi-permanent, color correction, Ombre, cellophane and highlights.

Hair Treatments

Our hair stylists offer permanents (perms), straightening, texturizing and deep conditioning.


Book your appointment with Luxe Beauty Salon and enjoy our high-quality Skin Care services.

Our professional staff provides Facial Treatments that meet your individual skin care needs. We offer expert Microblading services that give you fuller sexier looking eyebrows.

Our Waxing Services include hair removal from all corporal areas.

Luxe Beauty Salon Las Vegas

Facial Treatments

Experience the finest in deep cleaning, hydration, vitamin renewal, firming and rejuvenation.

Luxe Beauty Salon Las Vegas

Microblading Services

Fix your weak thinning eyebrows with Microblading and get back to your younger sexier self.

Luxe Beauty Salon Las Vegas waxing

Waxing Services

Enjoy silky smooth facial areas, torso, arms, bikini, buttocks, legs and everything in between.


Eyelash extensions offered by Luxe Beauty Salon are one of the hottest beauty trends that has taken the world of glamour and fashion by storm.

Day to day wear, a special occasion or a romantic night out on the town, let our eyelash experts help you achieve that one-of-a-kind look that will surely make you stand out in a crowd.

Highest Quality Materials

Our eyelash experts always use the highest quality lashes and bonding materials available.

Luxe Beauty Salon Las Vegas

The Biggest Selection

We carry the most popular individual and cluster lashes including all lengths, thicknesses and curls.

Luxe Beauty Salon Las Vegas

The Best Results

Our eyelash experts help you select the perfect extensions to bring out your natural beauty.


Our highly-skilled threading experts at Luxe Beauty Salon provide clients with pain-free hair removal from all facial areas including eyebrows, nose, upper lip, lower lip, chin, sides, forehead, ears and neck.

Special pricing is available for hair removal from multiple areas and for our full-face threading treatment.

Luxe Beauty Salon Las Vegas


We gently remove rows of hair above and below eyebrows creating the perfect shape for your face.

Luxe Beauty Salon Las Vegas


Our experts gently thread away fine hard-to-see hair giving you a new radiant glowing complexion.

Luxe Beauty Salon Las Vegas


We gently remove hair from sideburns adding shape that compliments your beautiful appearance.

Luxe Beauty Salon Las Vegas

Upper Lip

We gently remove hair above and below your lips leaving you with a more defined mouth and lips.

Luxe Beauty Salon Las Vegas


Our experts gently tread away hair on your chin adding to the overall shape of your beautiful face.

Luxe Beauty Salon Las Vegas


We gently remove hair from your neck helping you maintain a healthy youthful appearance.

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